Repose, rest and creative imagination

Don’t be in haste, don’t run too fast, for in running too fast, always looking at your destination, you lose the real charm of your journey. You miss the real fruits that were placed along your path. You hardly realize the real boons coming across your path. Is it, in any way, better than a blind run? And mind you, no destination is defined just in itself, something lying at a distance in abstract. Every destination is the sum total of the experiences coming across the way.

So cool down, take a pause, and move restfully with respectful awareness. The things that light up your awareness at each step are as important as the final destination to which you mean to reach. The trees, birds, floating clouds, gentle breeze, sunshine, ponds, rivers, nice people, charming conversations, and what not. Your each step carries the prospects of the pearls of happiness provided you slow down your time. The time which is yours, defined by you, not by the clicking hands of the clock. Your time obeys you, not the vice versa. You can slow it down with your increased awareness. Stretch each second on the enlightened curve of awareness. Time then obeys you, giving you more in seconds than you ever watched and experienced in whole days. Do you think a journey is accomplished by the running force you propel into? Think again if you say yes. It’s not possible to run forever. A run has to depend on rest to sustain itself. Do you think the accelerator paddle in your car takes you to the destination? No! It’s the brakes intervening to give restful pauses for safety to give meaning to your speed, to make it an organized run instead of a mad rush ever accelerating and crashing into some fatality.

The break, the pause, the rest, these are the basic ingredients to turn any random movement into a meaningful, assured, safe journey taking us to some destination. Miles and miles of mindless dash without breaking, restful pauses are meaningless crazy jump into the desert ending in painful mirages.

As you run without pause, rest and awareness, and with heedless hurry, you stress yourself out. This stress and tension kills the imagery. All tensed up and stressed, looking anxiously at the destination far-far away, you lose that dreamy imagery which makes each step a victory in itself. Do you think life is meaningful without restful reflections and creative imagination? It simply isn’t. If not now, you realize it later when unfortunately it is too late.

So guys watch your step. And look around you. Countless things and phenomena await to enrich you. These are the things which make your journey fruitful and meaningful in the true sense. The destination stands defined only in terms of the process of journeying and the experiences gained alongside. And when you reach your destination as someone different, almost a victorious king, from the one who began the journey, it’s only the experiences before the final goalpost which have turned the scale in your favour.

The nutshell is: Enjoy the journey fella. Don’t just close your eyes to the surroundings thinking about the destination where you presume to become happy some day in future. Forget it. No destination can give you happiness if you haven’t been happier while journeying.Happy journey!

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