An Author of Countryside Chronicles

O Mother, my first footstep lies in thy womb,
From such a start, how can I go wrong!


Sandeep Dahiya (Sufi) is the author of about a dozen books. His works carry murmurs of gentility and tender aroma of small things in life. He is charming, poetic and generous in his views about life and living. Sandeep elegantly portrays little things that have a big role in making our lives joyful. His writings are an eclectic blend of witty charm, experienced softness and scented receptivity. His characters are wry, insightful, whimsical, lively as well as funny. Not to forget that he writes with intelligence and insight.

Sandeep was interviewed for the coveted IAS and PCS, before finally cracking Haryana Civil Services. Unfortunately, the batch was denied appointment on political grounds: a fallout of the political parties engaged in mindless confrontation. He continues to fight for his rights in the court for the last 18 years.

Having taken a life-cherishing sabbatical, Sandeep roams in the mountains, reads, writes and most importantly meditates to explore the farthest recesses of his inner self. 

His aim in life is to read more and write better.


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